Healthcare Explorers-Ages 14-15

Highly motivated high school students interested in medical careers should explore them in high school to gain a good foundation.  If your high school offers a healthcare curriculum that prepares you to enter college, that is great! But the more exposure you have to medical terminology, medical professionals, and hands-on experience, the more comfortable and confident you will be in your college healthcare courses. 

The Healthcare Explorer program provides rising ninth graders with experience, research, and hands-on application for healthcare.  The simulated learning for the week consists of learning how to take blood pressures, listening to heart sounds, and discovering lung sounds.  Students strengthen their medical vocabulary by gaining knowledge on basic terms used to explain the anatomy of the body.  At this level students practice CPR and First Aid techniques and demonstrate skill proficiency to earn certification.  Other skills include learning how to identify wounds and determine best treatment options for wound care. Students will learn about different viruses and bacterias in the body.  Working with a partner, students will be assigned either a virus or bacteria to research and present findings at the end of the week.