Medical Excursion Two Week Program-Ages 15-16

This program provides students with observational and simulated learning at universities and healthcare facilities. During the week, students will explore various healthcare careers and gain practical learning experience in surgery, cardiology, laboratory science, geriatrics, and more! The focus of this program is to provide students with a deeper understanding of the process, administration, and practices of hospitals, so they have the skills necessary to participate in a shadow experience at the next level of the program.  If COVID-19 restrictions are eliminated, students will board a bus a go to various healthcare facilities for onsite learning opportunities.  These high-level lectures provide students with an intimate look at healthcare from the patient and medical care perspective.

The simulated learning in this program includes learning about venipuncture, diseases of the eyes and ears, and patient assessments.  Students continue to strengthen their critical skills which includes learning to take pulse, blood pressures, and heart sounds.  This program helps students learn about three categories of diseases which include: infectious diseases, deficiency diseases and genetic diseases. Students gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and explore systems affected by various diseases. Highlights of this program include observation of a live surgery in which the doctor responds to questions from students during the procedure.