Healthcare Pre-College Program-Ages 16-18

It is often difficult for high school students to gain clinical experience. Due to COVID-19, it is difficult to predict if hospitals and medical facilities will continue to restrict onsite learning opportunities. But it is important for high school students to continue to gain practical hands on experience and learn communication skills to work with patients. We offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience with our “Simulated Healthcare Clinic” model. Students use their medical terminology and practical skills to conduct an initial assessment of “patient actor’s” vital signs and chief complaints.  Working with medical doctors, students are guided through the process of learning how to use their knowledge of anatomy and systems to understand diseases and conditions.

The Simulated Healthcare Clinic utilizes simulated equipment to enhance the learning experience for students.  From digital eyes, ears, and lungs to a geriatric mannequin, students use simulated equipment to explore hands-on learning prior to working with patient actors. At the end of the week, students will present their patient before a panel of doctors and medical professionals and receive feedback on their assessment.  Students enrolled in this course enhance their professional profiles by earning industry standard healthcare certificates in HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen, and Healthcare Ergonomics. This program includes a one-week Public Health on-site learning experience to be scheduled during the summer.  This is a great opportunity to provide community service hours, complete senior projects, and build your college application.