Simulated STEM Exploration Camp-Ages 10-11

Based on the STEM Summer Career Academies simulated learning models, we offer a new program rising middle school students interested in exploring forensics, healthcare, technology, and biomedical engineering.  Working in teams, students work on projects, analyze complex problems, and gain a better understanding about STEM. The curriculum is designed to enhance student vocabulary in STEM, strengthen writing skills, and gain knowledge in STEM careers.  The week kicks off with a scavenger hunt in which students search for clues to solve a complex forensic science problem. Students work with simulated materials to discover DNA, hair samples and fingerprints. Biomedical engineering is explored to teach students how engineers design medical devices to solve a healthcare problem. The simulated learning activities include science, engineering, healthcare, and technology experiments.  Working with a microscope, students explore cells to determine diseases. Students explore age appropriate human anatomy and learn how x-rays determine broken structures in the bones and more!